A Look at the Allentown PA Museums

Allentown is a great place to visit when it comes to museums. As one of the major cities in the Lehigh Valley region in Pennsylvania, you must visit the place if you’re interested in learning more about Pennsylvania’s rich history.

In this article, let’s talk about the best museums in the city of Allentown.

Allentown Art Museum

Located at 31 North 5th Street in Allentown, this museum features a wide range of collections and exhibitions, highlighting arts and related historical crafts. The museum’s mission statement is to enrich the lives of a wide audience of visitors by way of engaging, inspiring, and informing them of the activities and commitment to preserve and exhibit works of art.

The museum is busy all year round, serving more than a hundred thousand visitors annually. Of that number, about fifteen thousand are kids and children brought to the museum through their school programs.

The current collection is listed at more than seventeen thousand works of art as well as almost 2,000 years of cultural heritage. The museum also boasts a very accessible and visitor friendly environment.

Lehigh County Historical Society

If you wish to visit the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum, you need to go to the Lehigh County Historical Society in 432 Walnut Street. The historical society is one of the biggest and oldest historical societies in the United States. The museum on the other hand has an area of 30,000 square feet. It is a state-of-the-art and sophisticated facility and it is the home of the one of the most modern historical research libraries in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Heritage Museum is home to six galleries and more than 13,000 square feet of exhibits. The Society for their part is responsible for managing seven other museum sites, some of which were built during the colonial period up to the industrial revolution. The society’s collection today is comprised of more than 80,000 vintage photos, 35,000 artifacts, and almost 3 million historical documents.

If you plan on visiting the museum, know that the regular museum hours are from Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm. They’re also open on Sunday, from 12 noon up to 4 pm.

The Liberty Bell Museum

Visiting the Liberty Bell Museum at 622 Hamilton Street gives you the opportunity to see an exact replica of the Liberty Bell. Located in the historic Zion’s Reformed United Church of Christ, the museum was once utilized as a refuge during the Indian raids. It also served as a hospital during the revolution, and a gathering place for the reading of the Declaration of Independence. So if you are thinking of visiting a place to learn more about the revolution, the Liberty Bell Museum is the perfect destination.

Museum of Indian Culture

The last museum in this list is the Museum of Indian Culture. As the name suggests, it is an educational center focusing on the showcase of Indian history in the state. Located at 2825 Fish Hatchery Road, the place is actually a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting and preserving the history of the Lenape (Indians) and other Northeastern Woodland cultures. It was found in 1980 by Dorothy Schiavone and Carla Messinger.

As you can seen from the above, Allentown Pennsylvania has a great variety of museums to visit.